GE and Nile Scan & Labs Work Together for a Healthier Egypt


Earlier this year, GE Healthcare announced it will be supplying Nile Scan & Labs in Egypt with their Discovery IQ PET/CT, the company's most advanced imaging technology. This partnership will benefit the health of their patients and the surrounding community in improving early detection and treatment.

"We’re proud to partner with GE, one of the world’s leading providers of healthcare technology, to introduce this new PET/CT generation to Egypt,” said Dr. Tarek Moharram, CEO of Nile Scan & Labs, “If we can give Egypt’s clinicians a more accurate and reliable solution to determine whether the treatment is working or not at an earlier stage, they will be able to better treat patients."

Nile Scan & Labs began using GE’s first digital mammography system back in 2000, and with this new technology hope to provide over 3,000 patient scans a year, improving the early detection of cancer for the people of Egypt.

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